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Transforming Your Money Mindset: Overhauling Your Financial Outlook in 30 Days - Day 2

June 20, 20235 min read

Changing my money mindset in 30 days… day 2

If I’m not busy DOING then my life has no purpose!

Who can relate to this? Where my over achievers at?

Think about this for a second.. We work for money, and for a lot of us, we work to feel safe. We work to get paid to then pay our bills and metaphorically keep the wolves from the door. 

Many of us have experienced the sheer terror of being in financial peril. Maybe even having debt collectors calling for money or going through bankruptcy, homelessness or worse. Being in a lot of debt is not funny and it is scary as shit. Mostly because of the stories we tell ourselves, because for the majority of people the worst we think will happen is highly unlikely to actually happen. For example, if you lost your home would you really be homeless or would a friend or family member probably help you? We tend to invent these terrifying scenarios in our head that definitely could happen but in most cases are unlikely to.

If you add to that a childhood experience of a lack of safety related to money then you’ve got a recipe for a perfect storm when it comes to your money mindset. Some of us experienced some fairly heavy stuff related to finances as children but even if the worst you experienced was being told ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’ and, ‘we can’t afford it’, and the like, and on REPEAT, then that too is enough to fudge your mindset into adulthood. 

Oh, joy.

So we work to keep the wolves at bay.

And beyond that, we work to give us a false sense of fulfilment.

What the fudge am I talking about now I hear you ask…

Well, I have seen this happen over and over on a loop.

We get addicted to the chase. The fulfilment and happiness we think we will get when we can pay our bills on time, indulge in luxuries and do whatever we want never arrives.

Because you cannot order true wealth like your Amazon Prime delivery.

And by wealth I mean inner wealth (I know, I know, groan!)

I’m going to be building this into my money mindset makeover because if you don’t build wealth from the inside out your wheels will just spectacularly fall off later on down the track.

Think about it for a second:

Do you believe you deserve to get paid just for existing? Just for being you?

Yeah…. It sounds a stretch, doesn't it?

But if you can’t believe this, if you are still stuck in struggle and thinking the harder you work the more you deserve to get paid then you’ve got a lot of work to do. 

You and me both, homie.

So the basis of this work is going to be focusing on who you are BEING, not what you are DOING. I bloody WISH someone had taught me this at the start of my online journey, but never mind, I’ve learned a lot! 

First of all, let’s honestly reflect on how much we have attached our self-worth to our output:

  • Do you feel lazy if you decide to take a day off?

  • Do you find it hard to relax fully?

  • Do you check likes and comments on your posts and then feel deflated if they don’t match your expectations?

  • Do you feel inclined to DO more when you aren’t making sales?

If you answered yes to any of these then we have work to do!

Nil desperandum, the purpose of this challenge is to start retraining our brains to stop being such dogsbodies to the system and start believing that we are worthy of all the riches just for being our fabulous selves (am I meant to be laughing as I type that?!)

If you are anything like me, you are probably a bit of a control freak and unfortunately manifestation, the law of attraction and all that fun stuff, doesn’t like controlling energy AT ALL. So our first exercise is to release control:

Make a list of everything you desire to BE, DO and HAVE over the next 6 months. Please go into detail, dream big, and don’t hold back! Assign a monetary value to each desire so you can see how much money all this will cost. Divide it by six to get a monthly total. Now we can clearly see what we desire instead of it just being this huge, unobtainable goal that is stuck up in our heads. Keep this safe and we will return to it in a few days.

Then split a page in two and write two columns. In the first column write ‘Me’. Then list out all the things that are in your power. This can include things like, making sure you fill your own cup through getting enough sleep, exercising and eating less crap, and taking time to connect in with yourself every day (super important btw). It can also include things like taking daily action in your business such as putting out content, creating offers and so on.

In the other column, write MAGIC (or God, the Universe, whatever you want). Here you put things that are completely outside of your control like people randomly finding your work and deciding to purchase instantly, knowing that success is inevitable, trusting that you’re manifesting what you want or something even better, trusting that all realities are available to you at any time and so on. These are like the trust pieces that you hand over to the Universe. 

Once you have written that out it can help you to detach from needing to know HOW quite so desperately. You can clearly see what you have to focus on and you know what your work is.

I’d love for you to share your takeaways with me, here or on social media.

Good luck!



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Leader of the Anti-Hustle Club community, Ginny is a Personal Success Mentor specialising in holistic self leadership and accountability for business owners.

Ginny Gaunt

Leader of the Anti-Hustle Club community, Ginny is a Personal Success Mentor specialising in holistic self leadership and accountability for business owners.

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