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Transforming My Money Mindset: Embracing Core Values for Personal and Financial Success - Day 4

June 22, 20237 min read

Transforming My Money Mindset in 30 Days - Day 4

It’s Me, only Me, and it’s always been about Me.

Two and a half years into this journey and I am only now realising that this entire process has been a journey of becoming. It’s been something I have had to figure out for myself. 

I’ve said a number of times that I’ve found the journey of creating an online business based on a Personal Brand to be entirely different, and much harder, than creating offline businesses. To survive the online journey you need to have a strong sense of purpose and identity, otherwise, you run the risk of getting very, very lost. 

I can certainly attest to this. I’ve had many periods where I’ve lost sight of who I am and what my core values are, lost in a sea of noise online. I’ve questioned whether I am following the correct path NUMEROUS times, I’ve checked other people’s content to inspire my own and at times just felt……empty.

I’ve been TEACHING this! 


Create an AUTHENTIC brand!


And yet I didn’t realise how performative it all was.

Not that I was out of integrity, but I was out of alignment because whilst I was busy helping others to do all that, I was sitting in a massive blind spot of my own.

I didn’t BELIEVE that what I wanted was possible for me. Not really. Not deep down.

There was this weird disconnect.

Like I knew with deep certainty that I would travel and that I would have money… eventually.

But it was all so vague and in that dangerous territory I like to call ‘someday’. That place we talk about that is somewhere off in the future - safely out of reach from actually having to make brave moves. 

And when it comes down to it, I never really believed I would get there via working online. 

I knew that I get to choose the story, I get to choose my reality, and I HAVE to BELIEVE. 

But that’s easier said than done!

Even 2.5 years in I was still shocked and surprised when I sold things. I had no doubts at all about my ability to help clients but I just didn’t expect people to buy my stuff and that is the energy I was putting my offers out in. Not on purpose - I couldn’t really control it, which is why I decided to radically change what I was doing and challenge myself to transform my money mindset in 30 days. 

During 2.5 years online, thousands spent on coaching and courses, hours spent on self-development and even some alternative therapies 🍄I now (finally) realise that the pathway to what I want is to focus on alignment, aka, my core values. My core values need to be my daily non-negotiables, not my task list. I think as an over-achiever archetype, this has been a very hard lesson for me to learn (clearly - 2.5 years!!!!!) as my default is to do, do, do and what I actually need to focus on is be, be, be.

Frustratingly I really thought I was doing this! I thought I had it nailed. Live what you teach etc etc. But my inner bitch didn’t get the memo and I think I was just expecting this to somehow magically happen just because I knew it should. 

So my next step in this 30-day journey was to identify my core values again and think about what would be going on in my life if I already had everything I desired. Who would I be, what would I be doing and what would I have? I wrote out about a page of script about what this would look like for me (in the present tense like it’s already done). Then I wrote out as many core values as I could think of that came straight from my heart:







Personal development/learning






Time in nature

Personal space

Healthy relationships



Home comforts













From this list, I then identified these six core values of being of the most importance to me:





Time in nature


And this is a list I’ll keep safe because I can immediately see how these values could in fact stop me from hitting my goals via subconscious sabotage if I, for example, think that hitting a certain money goal will mean I lose freedom and spaciousness in my life. If I feel like I’m going round in circles is that because I haven’t been making time and creating space to drop into my self-awareness? I’ll definitely keep these in the back of my mind when I feel like I’m meeting with resistance and see if I need to rewrite some beliefs around my values. 

So now I have looked at what would be going on in my life if I was already where I aspire to be and identified my core values, I can feel into my daily non-negotiables. These are things centred around my core values, NOT a task list. So my daily non-negotiables would include things like getting outside in nature, writing, journaling, creating content and being able to go with the flow, and not feel too structured. 

So what would this look like on a practical level for a single mum running two businesses?! Well for me it looks like getting up earlier! I’m trying to rise around 6.15 to get a lot of my journaling and writing done before getting the kids ready for school. This tends to open the creative floodgates and make further content creation/writing/creativity much easier. I try to do a long walk straight after the school run but I do often feel a lot of resistance to this because I still want to get on and do, do, do! 

So in conclusion, in this early stage of my  30-day journey of transforming my money mindset, I've come to a powerful realisation: It's always been about me. Creating an online business based on my personal brand has been a challenging journey of self-discovery and staying true to my core values. Along the way, I've experienced moments of doubt, lost sight of my identity amidst the online noise, and questioned if my desired path was attainable for me.

But here's the truth I've learned: I must believe in what I want, align with my core values, and choose my own reality. It's not just about teaching authenticity; it's about embodying it. I've recognised that my core values should be my daily non-negotiables, guiding every aspect of my life, rather than just tasks to be checked off.

Through introspection, I've identified my core values: freedom, spaciousness, creativity, self-awareness, learning, time in nature, and connection. These values are crucial to my success and happiness. By aligning my actions and beliefs with these values, I can overcome subconscious sabotage and resistance that may hinder my progress.

Now, instead of a task-driven mindset, I focus on daily non-negotiables that reflect my core values. This includes immersing myself in nature, writing, journaling, and embracing a flexible flow. As a single mum managing two businesses, I've realized that rising earlier allows me to prioritise my creative practices and connect with my inner voice before the chaos of the day begins.

By embracing my core values and aligning my actions with them, I'm creating a path towards the life I aspire to live. It's a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and rewriting limiting beliefs. I invite you to explore your own core values and integrate them into your daily life, breaking free from the constraints of tasks and embracing your true self.

Remember, it's always been about you. Believe, align, and create the reality you desire. Let your core values be your compass, guiding you towards transformational success.

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Leader of the Anti-Hustle Club community, Ginny is a Personal Success Mentor specialising in holistic self leadership and accountability for business owners.

Ginny Gaunt

Leader of the Anti-Hustle Club community, Ginny is a Personal Success Mentor specialising in holistic self leadership and accountability for business owners.

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