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Exploring Conversations with God: Insights from My Inner Voice within an ADHD Brain

July 15, 20238 min read

“The ADHD brain is a gift and a super power, use it to connect to the heart of the matter and watch yourself soar' - Ginny Gaunt

Conversations with God/my inside voice inside my ADHD brain

Today’s conversation was so funny I wanted to share it with you all. I think we tend to think that meditation/prayer/quiet time has to look a certain way and those of us with ADHD or just busy minds will know how hard it can be to just be still.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent many precious hours researching, googling and wondering how to just BE tapped-in to source, how to connect to your intuition, how to be a channel, how to meditate and Lord knows what else. Why do we have to research the F out of everything?! Why do we trust outside of ourselves first when all the answers are inside of us?! That’s probably a blog for another day, today I wanted to illustrate how easy it can be to sit in meditation/affirmation/conversation whatever you want to call it.

One of my mentors described the process of dropping-in as inner stillness no matter what you are doing or what is happening outside. I like this idea because, like many creative, multi-passionate, neurodiverse people, I like to keep moving and do several things at once. It’s about staying in flow,, listening to what comes through and obeying it no matter how weird it sounds! 

I have to write to bring focus and awareness to my centre, otherwise, I’m galloping off into my to-do list, daydreams, and God knows what else but certainly not speaking with Him!

So this is what it looks like for me to drop-in, I have only excluded private entries/affirmations, the rest is verbatim straight from my journal this morning.

My journaling is always littered with affirmations. Sometimes they are heavily money-based, other times purpose-based, clarity based or productivity based. Whatever needs to come out, comes out.

What’s especially funny is that it wasn’t long ago I used to mock journaling and affirmations BIG TIME. How things have changed! I think I was easily triggered by anything to do with writing because I felt so blocked myself - again, that’s a story for another day. I am still learning how to effectively tune in to my own wisdom, I am by no means an expert.

Note: I use the words God/spirit/inside voice/higher self/higher power/source interchangeably. I have no particular leaning - whatever wants to come out comes out, I don’t overthink it.


I am rich (I always start this way, it is literally the first thing I write every single day. It’s just an easy way for me to start writing, and you’re dang right I’m decreeing and claiming that son of a gun to be FACT..)

I am wealthy from the inside out.

All my needs are met in the overflow.

All my bills are paid on time.

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard’. (Song playing in my head)

Not now Kelis please, kindly get out of my head.

I am a powerful writer and speaker.

I have a powerful mind.

People are queueing up to pay me for my words and thoughts.

My wisdom is always flowing out of me.

(Around this point is where my pen took on a life of its own. Before this I am writing statements from my mind, just to begin the process of moving thoughts through my pen. After a while, the words write themselves - and it can get FUNKY. Of course, this is just my way, it may not be for you!)

I am always tapped in to God.

I am a powerful director of money.

My money has a home.

I am supernaturally tapped in.

I believe I believe I believe

I trust I trust I trust

My content gets me paid.

10 more sign ups in my offer by Monday

I decree I decree I decree

The more me I am the more money I make

The more fun I have the more money I make

My courses write and sell themselves

My product suite builds itself

New people are joining my email list daily

My podcast easily gets done every week

My video editing is easy and I do it with my eyes closed.

My blog writes itself every single day.

The words flow out of me with ease.

My books write themselves.

I am a prolific writer.

I am a successful author.

My fiction books are bestsellers.

I have more than enough time in the day to get things done.

Write write write write write

My writing is my life

My writing is my wisdom

God is working for me and through me.

I decree I decree I decree

I just need to trust trust trust

And move in Gods will.

What is the next move here

What is the next move here

What is the next move here

What is the next move here

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

What is the next move here

What is the next move here

(A few deep breaths as frustration bubbles to the surface. SHOW ME WHAT TO DO DANG IT LOL. Pick up the pen and begin writing again)

OK so nothing wants to come out. Interesting!

Lets go supernatural.

But 1st, TRANCE 

I am God and God is me

I have a powerful mind

I am ruled by the supernatural

I am supernatural dropped in

I am obedient

I follow the path

Destiny destiny destiny

I am not afraid

I submit I submit I submit

Show me the way show me the way show me the way

If music be the food of love, Play on! 

Why are you showing me music

Maybe I need to listen to music?!

Alexa? Play classical music please

Thank you for a day of ease and flow

Thank you that on this day all the house work, shopping and holiday packing gets done with ease and speed.

Thank you for the sales that are coming in right now.

Easy peasy lemon squeasy i got this

The sound of rain on the window - my favourite.

My heart is full.

Im in I'm in I'm in

I love i love i love

Music activates my soul

Thank you for unexpected sales, impact and miracles today!

What is the next step in this dance

Ohhhhhhhh really?

You want me to go dye my hair?

For real?

Do it do it do it

Unexpected but OK gotcha!

Alexa? Please set a timer for 25 mins

Ok hair dyeing process underway

What’s next what’s next what’s next

I love the music, thank you for showing me that.

OK while you find a way to help me understand what’s next I’m going to claim some specifics - is that cool?

My book is being consistently written every day

My podcast is up to date and is easily published once a week, no stress, no worries

My blog writes itself easily every single day

I find it easy to tend to my emails and sales pages and they simply flow out of me

I find it easy to record reels and tiktoks and go live and i gain new followers daily

I have clarity and certainty around my offers

I know exactly the next moves I need to make around my current offer

10 new sign ups today merci beaucoup

I am open for all of this to be easy

I am prolific

I easily produce what needs to be produced and it just comes out of me

Alrighty then God.

There are 3 pages left in this journal. Let’s get this wrapped up, shall we?

What’s next what’s next what's next

I have a literal timer running on my hair dye!

Do I need to be creating content today or just doing the housework?


OK got it (loud and clear!)

Sooooooo…. What are we writing about today then? Think i missed the memo

This conversation is pretty funny to be fair

That time I had a conversation with God about dyeing my hair

Ok that could make a good blog post

What on earth was the kelis lyric about though? Was it just that you wanted me to play music and you knew that lyric would make me laugh and get my attention? If you wanted me to listen to Kelis to get in flow I’m honestly not sure that would work - I don’t think I like her music, I literally know about 3 lines from that song and I think they are funny. That’s it.

So did I disobey you or I understood correctly.

Oops there goes my brain getting involved again. Sorry about that.

Brain! Get back in your box!

Ok so I’m liking the idea of blogging about this conversation, thank you!

Awesome! Sales are coming in


Seriously, thank you

I love you

Ps I decree 10k by Monday. Just Sayin’



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Leader of the Anti-Hustle Club community, Ginny is a Personal Success Mentor specialising in holistic self leadership and accountability for business owners.

Ginny Gaunt

Leader of the Anti-Hustle Club community, Ginny is a Personal Success Mentor specialising in holistic self leadership and accountability for business owners.

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